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The story of a passion: Heritage jewelry

For two generations, our handcrafted jewelry brand, Talisman Jewellery, has been driven by a passion and love for jewelry. We take great care in designing unique pieces that reflect our passion and creativity. Jewelry is in our blood and we want to share this passion with the rest of the world.

It all began with modest tools: a briefcase, a pen, a notepad and some silver samples. Back then, the briefcase became our desk, the pen and notepad our creative tools, and the few samples the starting point for countless handmade collections.

Since then, we've evolved and grown, while maintaining our focus on craftsmanship and excellence. Each of our jewels is carefully designed, crafted and finished by hand, using traditional techniques and high-quality materials. We are proud to carry on the heritage of artisanal jewelry-making, passing on our passion and dedication in every creation that leaves our workshop.

The story of the Talisman Jewellery team is one of love for the art of jewelry. Each piece we create has its own story, a fusion of creativity, skill and dedication. We strive to capture the essence of beauty in every creation, striving for perfection in every detail and ensuring that our jewelry is a true work of art.

Our aim is that everyone who wears a piece of Talisman jewelry should feel the same passion and enthusiasm that we experienced when we created it. We want our jewelry to become personal treasures that tell stories and create lasting memories. We are happy to share our passion for jewelry with the world and hope that our creations will brighten the lives of those who wear them.

Talisman Jewellery is much more than a jewelry brand. It's the result of generations of love and dedication to a craft we're passionate about. Every piece of jewelry we create is an expression of our commitment to excellence and beauty. We hope you'll join us on this journey and discover the magic of Talismán Jewellery's handcrafted jewelry.

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Eguzkilore pendant in Silver

Eguzkilore pendant in Silver


Camino de Santiago Cross PendantCamino de Santiago Cross Pendant

Camino de Santiago Cross Pendant


Pendant Eguzkilore in Silver and Gold-platedPendant Eguzkilore in Silver and Gold-plated

Pendant Eguzkilore in Silver and Gold-plated