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The art of Craftsmanship: Our jewelry workshop

In our artisan jewelry workshop, every piece we create is the result of a meticulous and passionate process. From the inspired observation of our environment to the final polishing and finishing stage, every step of production is crucial to achieving unique and meaningful jewelry. In this article, we invite you to discover the different stages through which our talismanic jewelry passes, so that you can experience the dedication and care we bring to each and every one of our creations.

I. Observing our surroundings as a pure source of inspiration:

The first step in creating our handcrafted talismans is to open our senses to the beauty and magic around us. We immerse ourselves in nature, explore symbology and draw inspiration from ancient traditions. We carefully observe the patterns, shapes and colors that surround us, for it is there that we find the essence of our creations.

II. Making a sketch :

Once we've gathered our inspirations, we turn to paper and pencil to capture our ideas in sketch form. This is when we give shape to our visions and begin to define the details of each piece of talismanic jewelry. It's here that creativity expresses itself and ideas come to life.

III. The digital design phase and mold creation :

Once the initial sketches have been defined, we use digital tools to create precise, detailed drawings. This allows us to refine shapes and sizes before moving on to the next stage. We then create a mold from a digital design, enabling us to faithfully reproduce the part.

IV. Metal casting and part manufacturing :

Once the mold is ready, we begin the metal casting process. We use precious metals such as gold or silver, and with skill and precision, pour the molten metal into the mold. Once the metal has cooled and solidified, we remove the piece and begin shaping and polishing it.

V. Manual work: polishing down to the last detail :

At this stage, jewelry craftsmen work with care and dedication to polish every detail of the piece. They use special tools and refined techniques to smooth surfaces, polish and bring out the finest details. It is during this process that the beauty and splendor of each talisman is truly revealed.

VI. Your jewelry is ready to wear:

After all the effort and dedication invested in each step of the process, we arrive at the moment when your talismanic jewelry is ready to be worn. Each piece is unique and carries the essence of our craftsmanship. When you wear it, you'll be able to feel its energy and meaning, making it a special amulet to accompany you in your daily life.

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Enter the world of Talisman Jewellery

Be the first to know about our special offers, new products, launches and events. And receive a 10% discount on your first purchase!
Eguzkilore pendant in Silver

Eguzkilore pendant in Silver


Camino de Santiago Cross PendantCamino de Santiago Cross Pendant

Camino de Santiago Cross Pendant


Pendant Eguzkilore in Silver and Gold-platedPendant Eguzkilore in Silver and Gold-plated

Pendant Eguzkilore in Silver and Gold-plated