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Talismans through the ages

The history of talismans is full of fascinating and mysterious tales of their power to bring protection and good fortune to those who possess them. In this blog, we'll delve into the past and explore some of the stories and legends linked to famous talismans that have left an indelible mark on history. We'll link these stories to the talismanic jewelry we offer on our handcrafted jewelry site, showing how tradition and protective power have transcended the centuries.

The tree of life: connection and protection in diverse cultures:

The tree of life is an ancient symbol representing the link between heaven, earth and the underworld. We'll share myths and legends from different cultures that underline the importance of this symbol and its power to protect and prosper. We'll present our Tree of Life talismanic jewelry, highlighting its meaning and how it can be a constant reminder of our connection with the universe.

The legend of Eguzkilore: protection and magic in the Basque Country

According to an ancient Basque legend, when the sun's rays touch the earth, the Eguzkilore, also known as the "sun flower", blooms in the fields. This beautiful yellow flower was said to possess a special power that protected those who wore it. Legend has it that it was bestowed by magical beings living deep in the forests, who wished to protect people from evil and negative influences. The Eguzkilore became a traditional amulet in the Basque Country, used to ward off evil spirits and protect those who wore it. It was hung at the entrance to houses, worn as jewelry or given as a gift to loved ones as a symbol of love and protection.

The Triskel: a symbol of eternal energy and movement: 

Also known as the triskel or triskelion, this is an ancient Celtic symbol that represents the eternal flow of life, constant movement and the connection between past, present and future. In our jewelry collection, we have drawn inspiration from this powerful symbolism to create unique pieces that capture its essence and deeper meaning. In addition to its symbolism of movement and connection, the triskel also represents protection and good fortune. This Celtic symbol is said to have the power to ward off negative energies and attract positive energy to its wearer. It's an amulet that accompanies us on our paths, instilling confidence and protection in our life's journey.

The Lauburu: a sacred symbol of the Basque Country:

Also known as the "Cross of Saint Andrew" or the "Basque Cross", the Lauburu is an emblematic representation of Basque culture and its rich historical heritage. In our jewelry collection, we have been inspired by the beauty and profound meaning of the Lauburu to create unique pieces that pay homage to this powerful symbolism. For the Basques, the Lauburu has deep spiritual and cultural significance. It represents eternity, the union of opposites and protection against negative forces. It is a symbol that invokes good fortune, prosperity and the unity of the Basque people. 

Talisman jewelry reconnects us with the roots and history of an ancient culture. It's about carrying with you the protection and positive energy that Lauburu represents.

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Enter the world of Talisman Jewellery

Be the first to know about our special offers, new products, launches and events. And receive a 10% discount on your first purchase!
Pendant Eguzkilore in Silver and Gold-platedPendant Eguzkilore in Silver and Gold-plated

Pendant Eguzkilore in Silver and Gold-plated


Camino de Santiago Cross PendantCamino de Santiago Cross Pendant

Camino de Santiago Cross Pendant


Eguzkilore pendant in Silver

Eguzkilore pendant in Silver