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Talismán: Triskele / Celtic

We present you a selection of Triskele earrings, pendants and bracelets, handcrafted, elegant and delicate, handmade.

Know the story of this talisman

The Triskele or Triple Spiral  is a Celtic symbol and is formed by three spiral arms. It symbolises perfection and balance, three is also the most sacred number in Celtic culture.

It has a divine and magical meaning in all its aspects since it represents the past, the present and the future. As well as the balance between body, mind and spirit.

Numerous triskeles have been found throughout history. It is a symbol that brings together the beginning and the end, the eternal evolution. It has been and is used as a talisman, so we have created a unique and elegant jewellery line with this ancient emblem, full of history and meanings.

The Celtic triskele is also associated with the four basic elements of nature: earth, fire, air and water.

It is a symbol that synthesises all the wisdom of Mother Nature, since the Celtic peoples have been closely related to her throughout history. It was and is, today, used as a talisman.

In many peoples this symbol attracts the three main feminine qualities: intuition, tenderness and beauty.

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Susana Nisa
I'm delighted with the Eguzkilore necklace, it's really beautiful and has exceeded my expectations. I will continue to buy from your wonderful store. I recommend it 100%.
Jessica Gupta
Looks great in person, delicate and charming design, perfectly fitted too.
Miriam Txabarri
Exactly what I wanted, a fine, quality piece of jewelry. What's more, he sent a small bracelet as a gift. Eskerrik asko.
A perfect pendant for Star Wars fans! It was a gift and he loved it! Very friendly and attentive seller! Without a doubt, highly recommended.
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