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Talisman Jewellery shining at the San Sebastian Film Festival

Shining at the San Sebastian Film Festival: Basque Jewelry on the World Stage!

Glamor and sophistication come together on an internationally renowned stage: the San Sebastián Film Festival. This event, which attracts some of the brightest stars in the world of cinema, is the perfect showcase to showcase the excellence of Basque fashion. On this occasion, we are excited to share that Talisman Jewelery has been selected to dress some of the stars who will dazzle on the red carpet. It is an honor and an achievement that we want to share with you! We leave you the article from Diario Vaso.

Basque fashion is a hidden treasure that deserves to be recognized on a global level. Over the years, this region has cultivated a unique and avant-garde style, fusing tradition with innovation. The quality of materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail are the hallmark of Basque fashion. Our designers and artisans have worked hard to bring this tradition to the forefront of contemporary fashion.

The San Sebastián Film Festival is a world-renowned cinematographic event that has stood out for its ability to unite the seventh art with fashion. Stars of the big screen become style icons on the red carpet, and each wardrobe choice becomes a topic of conversation around the world. Our participation in this event is an exceptional opportunity to show how Basque fashion can complement and enhance the beauty and charm of celebrities.

The importance of this collaboration is not limited only to the field of fashion. San Sebastián, a city that exudes culture and elegance, becomes the perfect backdrop for this festival. The combination of film and fashion creates a magical environment where art and creativity are uniquely intertwined. This not only highlights the creativity of Basque designers, but also strengthens the connection between Basque fashion and culture in an international context.

On this exciting journey to the San Sebastián Film Festival, we invite you to join us in celebrating Basque fashion and its impact on the world of cinematography. Together, we will shine on the red carpet and show the world the beauty and quality of Basque fashion.

Stay tuned to our social media and website for more details on this exciting collaboration and to find out which movie stars will be wearing our creations at the San Sebastian Film Festival. You can not lose this!

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