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Pendant of Nefertiti in Silver


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Nefertiti was a queen of Ancient Egypt, wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten, who ruled in the 14th century BC. The bust of Nefertiti is one of the most recognized art pieces of Egyptian civilization and is currently housed in the Neues Museum in Berlin, Germany. The bust of Nefertiti is one of the most iconic representations of the art and culture of ancient Egypt. It symbolizes the ideal beauty and elegance of ancient Egypt, the queen’s political and religious power and influence, and the cultural transformation during Akhenaten’s reign.
  • Material: Sterling silver 925 with a rhodium bath for more resistance. 
  • Sizes: 8 mm (width) / 17 mm (height)
  • Chain: Included as a gift.
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The symbolism of ancient Egypt is an endless source of inspiration. Our jewelry collection is imbued with these ancestral symbols that have endured through the centuries. From the mystical sacred scarab to the powerful Eye of Horus, passing through the majestic pyramids and many other symbols, each piece carries the essence and mystery of this ancient civilization.

The scarab, a symbol of transformation and rebirth, embodies the belief in life after death and the eternity of the soul. The Eye of Horus, also known as the Eye of Ra, represents divine protection and the ability to see beyond the physical, offering security and wisdom to those who carry it.

The pyramids, imposing monuments that have baffled humanity for millennia, symbolize the connection between earth and sky, as well as the power and grandeur of the pharaohs.

Each of our creations in 925 sterling silver and in a luxurious 3-micron 18-karat gold plating is meticulously designed to capture the beauty and magic of these ancient symbols. We want you to be able to carry a piece of the history and cultural richness of ancient Egypt with you, allowing its legacy to endure through our jewelry.

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