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Chaldean Cross Pendant in Gold plated, enamel and cubic zirconia


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Pendant with 3 micron 18k gold plating and cubic zirconia stone, and pink enamel, inspired by an authentic emblem of the Church of the East. The Chaldean cross carries with it centuries of history and faith in its design. Its balanced branches symbolize the connection between the divine and the human, while its intricate details reflect the richness of Chaldean tradition.
  • Material: Brass base with 3 micron 18k gold plating and pink enamel, and white cubic zirconia. 
  • Brilliant Finish: Each jewel is carefully immersed in a gold bath, a precious metal that gives it a spectacular shine and incomparable durability. 
  • Available sizes: 24mm (height) 
  • Artisan Design: Each piece is created with passion and skill, so you can carry with you not just a pendant, but a work of art.
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The Chaldean Cross: A Sacred Legacy, a Living Symbol

The Chaldean cross, a true jewel of the Church of the East, transcends time by carrying the weight of centuries of history and faith. Each branch, meticulously balanced, is not merely an artistic representation but embodies the deep connection between the divine and the human.

At the heart of every elaborate detail of the Chaldean cross lies a vibrant tribute to the immeasurable richness of Chaldean tradition. Every motif, every interlacing, tells an ancient and mystical story, reflecting the wisdom passed down from generation to generation. These refined elements are not merely ornaments but fragments of a spiritual epic that has withstood the test of time.

Wearing this cross is more than adorning oneself with an exquisite piece of jewelry; it is immersing oneself in an ancient and resilient spiritual tradition. It is feeling the weight of prayers whispered through the ages and perceiving the sacred light that has guided believers throughout generations. Each bearer of this cross becomes a guardian of the legacy, a bridge between the past and the present.

The Chaldean cross, with its deep roots in the history of the Church of the East, is not merely a static symbol but a living narrative. It transcends eras, inviting each individual to connect with ancient traditions while infusing them with timeless energy. It is a sacred legacy that finds its place in the hearts of those who understand the importance of preserving and celebrating the spirituality that has survived through the ages. By choosing to wear this cross, you become an essential link in this spiritual chain, connecting the past to the present and looking towards the future with unwavering faith.

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