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Luck, love and care to build your story

Jewellery for two generations guided by passion. Since the creation of Talisman Jewellery 25 years ago, we have dedicated ourselves to the careful design of jewelry with symbolic and protective meaning, seeking to recapture the meaning of luck.

Drawing on talismans from around the world, we design and manufacture luck-attracting jewelry in our own workshops.
Each piece is carefully thought out down to the smallest detail and handcrafted in our workshops, from design to final execution.

These are pieces with clean lines and short runs, crafted with the utmost care to make them as special as the person who wears them.

Talisman jewelry is synonymous with elegance, protection and balance. We want our jewelry to be your source of confidence, memories, emotions and luck. Create your most intimate and personal version with Talisman jewelry.

It's your lucky charm.

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Punctual deliveries
Receive your order (in Spain) within 24-48 hours
Handcrafted production
We design and manufacture all our products
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Average review rating is 4.8 or higher
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We specialize in our talismans and can give you all the information you need.
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Susana Nisa
I'm delighted with the Eguzkilore necklace, it's really beautiful and has exceeded my expectations. I will continue to buy from your wonderful store. I recommend it 100%.
Jessica Gupta
Looks great in person, delicate and charming design, perfectly fitted too.
Miriam Txabarri
Exactly what I wanted, a fine, quality piece of jewelry. What's more, he sent a small bracelet as a gift. Eskerrik asko.
A perfect pendant for Star Wars fans! It was a gift and he loved it! Very friendly and attentive seller! Without a doubt, highly recommended.